Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Comes Love...

Meet Jeremy & Rachael, they were in the same class of the same high school, but didn't even meet until after they graduated (they are from the Madison Wisconsin area & it was a very large class).
It's a good thing they did eventually meet though because they are perfect for each other. So kind & sweet to one another. I had so much fun getting to know them.
I hope you like your photographs as much as I do!

It was chilly so we had a hot chocolate picnic...

I always look for this with the couples I photograph, do they make each other laugh? These two certainly do.
How great is Rachael's laugh?

Love this one!


You are so beautiful Rachael, & I know Jeremy agrees
 (I heard him say so several times)

We had a great sunset...

I love these next two, you both had me laughing as well :)

After the pretty sunset it started to sprinkle on us, but that didn't stop the photographs, it just gave us a great reason to use a fun umbrella.

This next one was Jeremy's idea. I love it!

Thank you both again for meeting me in Dubuque, I am so happy to know you!

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  1. You captured their spirit perfectly! Lovely.

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful (inside and out!) couple!

  3. This was such a cool photoshoot! Such a cute couple!!


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