Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sailor - 6 months old.

Six months old is the best!!!
Sailor did not disappoint, she was all big eyes and big grins. I love how happy babies are at 6 months old. All I have to do is make silly noises and talk to them - plus I don't have to chase after them, it is pretty great!

You will likely want to see the rest of Sailor's images - so click here for her entire gallery.

This is her 'I just woke up, what are you doing' face.

Baby toes!!!

There's the toothless grin I was trying to get!

This next one just makes me laugh!

Nolie just crawled right up on the bed, how sweet are they together!!!

I love how he is looking at his little sister! Heart melted!!!

Another thing I love about 6 months - all about the toes!

This girl could plank all day long!

One of my favorites!!!

Little princess!

Nolan - 3 years old!

How is this little guy 3 years old already!?!?!?
It seems like we were just doing his 6 month pics and now his little sister is 6 months old! Wow. It is kind of sad that he isn't a baby anymore, but hey, he makes one seriously cute kid!


He is trying to take my picture, how cute is that!!!

Run, jump, and play - pretty much sums up 3 years old.

I love his little hands!!!

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