Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It is November again and here in Iowa that means cold. Although this past Saturday it was pretty close to 70 degrees outside so I really can't complain (that is not normal for Iowa, this year has been odd). This morning however it was not even close to 70 outside closer to 20 something - that's not very technical I know but I am not a weather person. On Saturday I sat outside with capris and a t shirt, today however I had to motivate myself to bundle up. By bundle up I mean hat, gloves, the whole nine yards. I think it was worth it though because I got to capture some pretty images of the frost still on the ground. All these photographs were taken in my front yard, so I didn't have to go far, my hands were happy when I did come in though.

I love the color of this last one. Hopefully when we get our first snow I will be motivated enough to get a few images to share on the blog. Check back in a few weeks!

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