Monday, April 16, 2012

Float Wraps

I love getting photographs for my clients in the mail. It is like opening up a beautiful present. I hope that is how my clients feel too. I am featuring one of my favorite products right now - float wraps. They literally "float" on the wall. WHCC, the company I use for all my printing, has an excellent finished product. It is one of those things you almost have to see in person. 

The float wrap pictured here is a 20x24. The largest size I offer. It is photographed with a 5x7 on the left & a 4x6 on the right, to help get a feel for the size.

The float wrap come ready to hang, with a foam mounting board attached to the back. It is 3/4 inch thick & the secret to why it "floats" on the wall. The images wraps all the way around the sides & covered with backing.

Here are the images of it hanging on the wall, the float wraps have great dimension.

Another great option with this product is that you can personalize it for no extra expense. Here we added a border to the top & bottom, "Our Family", & the year that the parents were married.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at on of the products I offer.

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