Monday, January 30, 2012

Turek Family - Waterloo IA

Meet the Turek's.
They are all pretty great, and Ken & I had so much fun running all over Waterloo with them to get some fun winter photographs!

So we have barely scratched the surface of all the pics from this session. I will be posting more soon. Remember - I love your comments!


  1. Great job Trisha
    Not sure which one is my favorite.
    They all turned out good.
    Nice one with everyone cheering in backgroud.

  2. Trish,
    Way to capture the MOmment!!! Very nostalgic feel!
    Such remarkable talent.
    (the family's adorable too)

    You know who..

  3. i'm pretty sure that my favorite is the one i'm in...wait, yep - thats all of them. pretty cool so far, can't wait to see more...also, i was wondering-is there any way you can make my scarf appear to be purple from here on out? awesome-


  4. we had a great time and appreciated all your hard work (of course, this group is SO attractive, it couldn't have been too difficult! he he) we love the pictures, especially mom & dad kissing and us cheering, the couple shots are great, and the video is hilarious! you are so fun and easy to sit for, great at your job! knowing that, i don't think this request will be too hard for you: forget abby's idea about the purple scarf, just eliminate her completely.....just a suggestion. or you can leave her in, picture could go either way with her....thanks so much!! :) molly & jon

    1. ha ha ha ha... i love you all you never cease to make me laugh!


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