Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Photo ~ Three Ways

I am a firm believer that if you are a professional photographer then your photographs should reflect that. So today I wanted to show how I go from a raw image straight out of my camera to my finished product. I can certainly see a differance in these images, but the goal is to still make them look natural not fake.
This image was taken on a ridiculusly hot day, and it was partly cloudy.

This is straight out of the camera, not to bad - maybe a little bright but not blown out.

and this is the same image just edited,
so in photoshop I adjusted my levels (made my blacks blacker & whites whiter)
then took my paintbrush @ 23% opacity & took some of the shine off their faces
took my dodge tool & lightly did their eyes
took my burn tool & burned the edges of the brick to draw the eye into the center
put a softening filter @ 20% then erased eye & mouth areas
& wah-lah the finished product:

For black & white images I desaturate (the image always needs to be tweaked after it is desaturated)
then I go into levels & tweak again
then I tweak in curves (very similar to levels but helps to pop the image a little more)
personally I don't mind my black & white images blown out a little
then I burn the edges a little more to give it more contrast
it looks like this:

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Thanks & have a good Thursday!

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