Saturday, July 23, 2011

Emily ~ Class of 2011

So here are some more images from Emily's session. We were able to incorporate alot of things that were meaningful to Emily & I think it showed in her photographs.

These next two photographs were taken in loving memory of Emily's best friend Maddie who died in 2006.


  1. Trisha these are sooooo good we are loving what we see so far!!!! Emily really likes the ones with the picture with Maddie's photo.
    Cindy Mueller

  2. Trisha I almost cried when I saw the maddie pictures. They made my day. I love all of them so much. Its going to be so difficult to choose.

  3. I love them! Especially the last two. And I love you, Emily!!!

  4. OMG- Em, you are all growed up and gorgeous! beautiful pics, I especially love the one of you smelling the flower! Terry B

  5. Thanks guys! I love you all so much


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